Friday, March 1, 2013

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Um, hi. Yeah, so um... I didn't actually draw the things you told me to... but I will! Its on my long list of things to do. Um, the dress is called Stupid because that's how I feel right now- stupid. Unless you can think of some other name for it... Anyway, it was nice meeting you again! I wonder if anyone checks my blog out anymore because I've been soooooooooo inactive...? Have a positive day! *cheesy grin*

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh my! I'm so sorry!

I have not posted any dresses for like a year now! I am soooooo sorry! Please forgive me! I'll draw anything you want! Anything! A fork, a hippo, hello kitty, fuzzy slippers, a pink frilly dress, a stapler, a cactus... Anything! Just tell me want you want me to draw and I'll draw it for you! Again, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Elfy Clause 122210

Here is what most of you have been waiting for...drum roll please...A CHRISTMASY TYPE THING DRESS!!!! I drew one similar to this a while back, on a different doll named Brook, but my dog threw up on both the doll and the dress. I hope you guys like it!

Holiday Dress 122210

Here is the holiday gown I said I'd finish coloring. I think it looks kind of nice, except for the fact that the doll will be missing her right hand. That means that she can't eat or draw or write with her right hand because it is gone! But I suppose maybe the doll is left handed, then it would be okay... it's up to you to decide which hand is stronger. I'd love to hear compliments on the coloring job!


I got a box of Prismacolors! It was a bit early to open them, but my mom caught my dad eating his present, which was chocolate. After that, my mom urged me to open a gift so that we boyh would be even. But my dad wanted to teach me patience. I am not very patient, so they usually have to put gifts under the tree right before we open them. At parties, they put the gifts that say 'Kat' on them somewhere where I won't find them. So anyways, I got a box of a lot of Prismacolors so I started doodling. The cow turned out yellow, unfortunately. I haven't posted a dress in the last couple days, so I'm almost finished with a Holiday gown. On the poll I saw that most of you wanted a really Christmasy dress, I will draw it after I'm finished with the one I am working on now. By the way, we didn't go to Tampa FL, we went to Orlando FL.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tampa Bay Dress, First One That Fits Dolls!!!!

Yay! The first dress that actually fits the dolls! We're going to Tampa this weekend so I drew this dress. I tweaked a few things on the scanning options so the color should come up right.